Josh grew up in Bedford, Michigan with parents who taught him who Jesus was from the time he was born. He began following Jesus at an early age and grew up attending youth group, going to anything and everything that the church was hosting. He felt a calling to go into ministry and from that point forward began pursuing leadership within church ministry. Josh is currently pursuing a degree in ministry.

Josh began attending Church 3TwentyOne from the moment the church started. He began organizing and leading student ministries shortly after the church officially launched and was hired on staff in the beginning of 2017. He currently lives in Sylvania with his wife Abigail who you will often see serving alongside Josh and making sure he doesn't get himself in too much trouble.

When not at church you will often find Josh hanging out with his friends and family, performing open heart surgery, enjoying the outdoors, and teaching sign language to chimpanzees.

Josh is grateful for the opportunity to serve the middle and high school students of our church and would love to meet you. Please don't hesitate to introduce yourself on a Sunday morning. Josh loves people and hearing their stories.