Circles are better than rows. Lifegroups are small, intimate communities where people can do life with God together. We spend time together and engage and interact with the Bible through questions from the weekend message, a book the group chooses to read, or a passage of scripture. Stirring spiritual conversations that will guide our groups to the heart of issues and personally applying biblical truths to our everyday lives.

Ladies Groups

Monday Evenings
Elizabeth Sorge 419.346.1779
Jennifer Tillman 419.266.7729
Kendra Schlieman 419.460.1323
Heather Sharp 419.309.2909
Tuesday Evenings
Amy Loudenslager 419.376.3493
Wednesday Mornings
Constance Schultz 419.276.7510
Wednesday Evenings
Kelly Noward-Knaggs 419.356.0320
Michelle Ross 419.283.8506
Thursday Evenings
Angel Blair 419.764.2002
Sunday Evenings
Taryn Boyett 419.376.6603

Mens Groups

Tuesday Evenings
Steve Babcock 419.283.3939
Josh Tillman 419.265.3315
Thursday Mornings
Ron Rader 419.704.3821
Thursday Evenings
Dan Graeff 419.360.3121
Greg Tillman 419.265.7729