Note: The reason we are asking you to create an account in these instructions is that it is the most secure way to handle your contact and financial info.

Step 1 of 8  Select the GIVE link on the website or go to

Step 2 of 8  You will be taken to Church Community Builder, the church's online portal.

Step 3 of 8  If you know you already have a login, please login and go to Step 7. Otherwise, please select Sign Up.

Step 3

Step 4 of 8  Please fill in your contact information and press Submit

Step 4

Step 5 of 8  You will receive an activation email at the email address you provided. This may take a few minutes depending on your email provider. If you have not received the email within a few hours, please double check your email's spam folder.

Step 5

Step 6 of 8  Click on ACTIVATE LOGIN within your activation email. You will be asked to create a password. Please do so and click Submit. You will then be able to login.

The reason for creating an account is that it is the most secure way to handle your contact and financial info.

Step 6

Step 7 of 8  Once you're logged in, please select the link on the left hand side labeled Give and/or the $ within a circle.

Step 7

Step 8 of 8  Select One-time Gift or Recurring Gift and follow the instructions to fill in the necessary fields.

You've now configured online giving.

Step 8

We would also appreciate it if you could fill out your profile information so that we have accurate contact information to send you items such as your giving statement or to contact you in case of an emergency.

Step 1 of 2  Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select Edit Profile

Step 1

Step 2 of 2  Please fill out as much information as you would like and click Save when finished.

We keep your information in the utmost confidence and do not give this information out to anyone.