Parking Dates

Here are a few concert dates which we will hold parking events in order to earn money towards Big Stuf.  Mark your calendars.

June 14 -Alison Krauss 

June 15 - Disco Party

July 3 - Star Spangled Celebration - All hands on Deck.

July 7 - Get the Led Out  - Popular concert, we will need lots of help for this one!

July 15 - Buddy Guy

July 18 - Beach Boys

Aug 2 - Styx 

That's all that published right now.

BigStuf Deposit

Just a reminder there are only 2 weeks left to get your deposit in.

There are 3 ways to pay

1. You can pay online though our website.  Go to the online giving tab and when you enter your amount select SM HS Event from the drop down.  2.  You can also pay with a Credit/Debit Card in the Information Center or in the Garage.  3. or by check payable to Church3TwentyOne.

Spots are filling up fast!


Student ministries has realized we need to do a better job with keeping the parents of our students informed.  In 2018, we are committed to improving this area of our ministry. Expanding the 321 student section of our web site is just one way we will communicate with you, the parents.  We look forward to building a stronger bond and a stronger ministry by engaging with the parents of our students.

You can also check out our Facebook page and sign up for text alerts.