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BigStuf 2019

July 18- July 23/24

321 Student Ministries leads students to take their next step in following Jesus. We create environments where students are engaged and encouraged by guiding them into experiences we want them to have, relationships we want them to make, and teachings we want them to know.

321 MIddle School

6th through 8th grade meets every Sunday during the 10am and the 11:30am services in the Student Ministry 'Rage where they play games and explore their relationship with Jesus and how that can influence every decision they make.

321 High School

9th through 12th grade meets Wednesday nights at 7:30pm in the Student Ministry 'Rage. Students play games, sing, and grow closer to one another as they hear challenging messages about who Jesus is and how He has called them to live.


For more information contact Josh Tillman, our Student Ministries Director, at

 Valentine's Day Dinner

Fall Retreat