Ron grew up in Reno Beach, Ohio and, early in his life, learned about Jesus and the Gospel from his grandfather, an ordained minister and accomplished bluegrass musician.  Many of Ron’s earliest memories are of musicians frequently visiting his grandparents’ home for “jam sessions.” During this time, Ron developed a passion for music and for the guitar in particular. Fortunately, his grandfather was gracious enough to allow him to bang on his guitars until Ron’s hands were big enough to fret chords.

Ron went on to study music in college and has played in several bands, but – in recent years – he has returned to what his grandfather had taught him long ago: there is nothing more satisfying for a musician than to focus his or her passion for music on worship of our Lord. 
In 2011 Ron married Jean, his wonderful wife who he is certain that The Lord handpicked just for him. They have two children, Isaac and Anna. Ron’s role as a husband and father has been one of the greatest blessings in his life. To say it has increased his faith would be an understatement.

Their family began attending Church 3TwentyOne shortly after it launched. Often, you can find them in 321Kids or having a snack between services in the Café.   

Ron’s interests aren’t limited to music: he is an avid baseball fan and comic book collector. In his spare time, if he isn’t practicing guitar, he is either watching a ball game or sitting next to a pile of comics, reading several into the wee hours of the night.